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As a natural light photographer, I am drawn to images that stay true to their original lighting conditions and environmental factors. During the shoot, I like to take advantage of the here and now. Sometimes that means letting the wind play with hair or clothing, or it means working with piercing Colorado sunshine or sprinkles of rain, rather than combating them.


During the editing process I steer away from oversaturation, overexposure, or other techniques that change the fundamental integrity of the image. The rich, natural colors of the subject and surroundings should be enough – and If I’ve set up the shot properly, these images require minimal retouching.


I find real grace in moments with my clients – and when I can capture full on belly laughs, grins from ear to ear, or a silent, poignant exchange between two people, then I have done my job. For clients who are willing to truly embrace the session, take risks and be open, the images come across as very real; authentic; and far from “picture perfect.” 

"Shelly has a gift for photography! Definitely love her ideas and creativity! " - Laurie P.