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About M. Loomer Photography

At age 6 I was the kid trying to make magic happen with disposable cameras. Once I talked my mom into getting me a point and shoot Casio camera and then got my first job in a portrait studio, I was well on my way to being a photographer. In college I got my first DSLR camera and was finally able to transform what I saw in my head into real life. Though it started out as a hobby, soon friends started asking to take pictures for engagement and holiday cards, and it reinforced what I already knew: that I’m happiest behind a camera. The rest is history.


I believe it's important to photograph the here and now with your loved ones (four legged included) because you don't know what this chaotic, unpredictable world may bring. I want to help people capture moments in time – and preserve memories in a very visual, tangible way. Our world is changing very quickly around us, and so are we. Photography is the only way that I have found to stop time – if only for a moment.